King Strohm V was a king of Tethyr and a famous druid, who became an oak tree when he died.[3]


Strohm V was the second nephew and only heir of the previous king, Strohm IV.[1] He had no sons but at least two daughters, the second who would become Queen Alisande.[2]


Strohm V was born in the Year of the Rotting Orchard, 787 DR. He took the throne in the Year of the Patchworked Peace.[1]

Legends say that when King Strohm V died, he changed into an oak tree.[3] Since he had no sons, the Strohm Dynasty was ended. Tibor Mallorhen, the husband of Strohm's oldest daughter became the first ruler of the short-lived Mallorhen Dynasty.[2] Following the death of the second Mallorhen king,[2] Tethyr would be ruled by four of Strohm V's female descendants, a period of time known as the Queens' Era.[3]




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