The Stump Bog was a bog to the east of the hamlet of Rassalantar.[6][7]


The foul mire was located just south of Goldenfields, and its waters were fed from the River Dessarin.[8] This also made the bog a convenient body disposal site for killers, thieves, and dishonest Waterdhavians.[4]


There were many rumors of buried treasure in its murky waters, but fortune hunters needed to beware the denizens who haunted the dark marsh,[9] like the sewerm, a large water snake, which hunted the foul waters of the Stump Bog;[2][3] as well as will-o'-wisps; mudmen; and other undead creatures.[8]


Stump Bog was named after the many rotting stumps rising out of the green algae-covered waters.[8]


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