Su'un was an island south of the large island of Saishu, off the coast of the Koryo Peninsula in northeast Kara-Tur.[1]


It was a desert island, a bleak place of sand and jagged rocks with constant wind.[1]


Seeking a suitable locale for his hermitage, the shukenja and holy man Chiquong had journeyed to the southern tip of Saishu, but had still found nothing to his liking. So instead he raised the island of Su'un from the depths of the sea. There he dwelled, with the wind his only companion.[1]

The shukenja Pitalla was believed to have later visited Su'un and left the leaping fish there.[2]


Rumors told that Chiquong still lived on Su'un by 1350 DR, and that he could predict the future and hid great riches.[1]



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