Suggestion was an enchantment spell used to compel a subject to follow the caster's orders, but only if they could understand the caster's spoken language.[4]


With this spell the caster influenced the subject through verbal suggestions. In order to work properly, the suggestion needed to be worded so the subject believed the suggestion was reasonable. For example, the spell would probably fail if the caster asked a fire elemental to dive into a body of water. However, if the caster could convince the fire elemental that the water was harmless, then the spell had a greater chance of succeeding.[4]

The caster could issue new suggestions for the duration of the spell. However, the spell ended when the subject completed any suggestion. The suggestion went unfulfilled if the spell ended and the subject had not completed their task.[4]


This spell required a snake's tongue and either a small piece of honeycomb or a drop of sweet oil to cast.[4]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Keonid in −1849 DR and was originally called Keonid's suggestion.[1]



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