The Summer Palace of Uruk was a beautiful structure found on the southern tip of the island of Sahu in the Ruined Kingdoms of east Zakhara in the early 1400s DR.[note 1][1][2]


The Palace was located a hundred miles south of Nycopolis on a towering plateau that overlooked the Rubban's Tears and the Crowded Sea. In stark contrast to the dark volcanic rock of Nycopolis, Uruk constructed his palace out of pristine ivory and white marble. Its courtyards and domed halls gleamed like polished bone.[2]


Uruk's placement of the palace ensured it was nearly unapproachable by conventional means. The southern walls of the palace faced the treacherous rocky outcroppings of the sea. Anyone wishing to approach by ground needed to cross through deep jungle infested with ravenous ghouls. Travel to the palace by air was the most direct route, but even then an adventurer needed to be wary of the wyverns that nested in the Vishap's Spine. Uruk himself traveled to the palace via a hidden teleportation chamber found in the bowels of the palace in Nycopolis.[2]

The palace was protected from divination spells by special wards.[2]


In 1367 DR, the only inhabitant of the Palace was the necromancer Kazerabet who discovered the abandoned location while flying through the air on a magical steed.[2]

Legends & RumorsEdit

It was said that Uruk raised his palace in just three days and three nights using a host of immortal laborers, tasked genies and other fiends.[2]



  1. The "Isle of the Necromancer Kings" is a mini-setting within the core source The Complete Book of Necromancers. It is not officially dated but linked to and set some forty years after the Al-Qadim setting, which itself is assumed to have 1367 DR as current date within this wiki.


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