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Summerstar was a noble house of Cormyr.[1]


The Summerstars were considered a backwater family in Suzail. Their heraldry was an arc of three golden stars on a field of deep blue.[1]

The Summerstar family had a seat in Firefall Keep, in Firefall Vale, where the Hullack Forest met the western slopes of the Thunder Peaks, in the Northtrees March district. The castle of Firefall Keep was at the western end of Firefall Vale, but it was virtually destroyed and most of its inhabitants were killed in 1365 DR. Turnwyrm Brook flows down heart of vale to join the Immerflow.[1]

Living members[]

  • Lady Shayna Summerstar, younger sister of Athlan, eventually married Broglan Sarmyn.
  • Lady Zarova Summerstar, born to the Battlestar house, widow of Pyramus and mother to Athlan and Shayna.
  • Erlander Summerstar, uncle to Shayna and Athlan, brother to Pyramus and Orm Hlannan, 5th child of Rauvor and Pheirauze.
  • Thalance Summerstar, cousin to Shayna and Athlan, bastard son of Lady Dalestra.
  • Ileira Summerstar, 1st child of Shayna and Broglan.
  • Storm Summerstar, 2nd child of Shayna and Broglan.
  • Rauvoril Summerstar, 3rd child of Shayna and Broglan.

Deceased members[]

  • Lord Athlan Summerstar, head of house.
  • Dowager Lady Pheirauze Summerstar, grandmother to Athlan and mother to Pyramys and Orm Hlannan.
  • Margot Summerstar, maiden aunt to Shayna and Athlan, 6th child of Pheirauze.
  • Nalanna Summerstar, maiden aunt to Shayna and Athlan, 7th child of Pheirauze.
  • Glothgam Summerstar, first noble of the house.
  • Lord Rauvor Summerstar, Pheirauze and Athlan's grandfather.
  • Hergrest Summerstar, Rauvor's brother, married a Harper sorceress and commoner.
  • Darander Summerstar, 3rd child of Rauvor.
  • Brezm Summerstar, 4th child of Rauvor.
  • Dalestra Summerstar, 5th child of Rauvor.
  • Lord Pyramus Summerstar, head of house before Athlan, Athlan's father and Orm Hlannan's brother, 1st child of Rauvor.
  • Orm Hlannan Summerstar, Athlan's uncle and Pyramus' brother, 2nd child of Rauvor.


  • Renglar Baerest, seneschal and a retired Purple Dragon veteran.
  • Jenrath, a house servant.
  • Ilgreth Drimmer, steward, former Purple Dragon.
  • Narlargus, Pheirauze's dresser and lover.




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