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Summon greater demon was a conjuration spell that summoned a single strong demon from the depths of the Abyss.[1]

...There's no shortage of crackpots and madmen in the Realms who'd delight in unleashing fiends upon civilized lands, but few have the power to do lt.
— Madoc the Uncouth[2]


Upon speaking foul words, the spell conjured a demon of the caster's choice, among several options that included barlgura, shadow demon, babau, dybbuk, bulezau, rutterkin, and other demons of similar or lesser strength.[1][3][4][5] As the caster grew in power and experience, it became possible to summon even stronger demons.[1]

The demon appeared at a visible location of the caster's choice within a range of 60 feet (18 meters). It obeyed the caster's verbal commands, but constantly attempted to resist them. If the caster knew the demon's true name, it became considerably easier to control. In the absence of any commands, the demon only attacked in self-defense. If the caster's control over the demon ended before the spell expired, it entered a rampage, pursuing and attacking every creature in sight that was not a demon, including the caster, starting with the ones that were closest to it. The caster could form a protective circle large enough to surround one human-sized creature, using up the blood that was required to cast the spell. The summoned demon could not cross the circle or harm anyone inside it.[1]

The demon remained summoned for up to one hour, as long as the caster kept concentrating, or until it was killed. It immediately disappeared when killed or when the spell reached its full duration. However, if the caster broke concentration early, an uncontrolled demon remained for several seconds before returning to the Abyss, while a demon still in thrall was dismissed immediately.[1]


The spell required verbal, somatic, and material components. The material required was blood from a humanoid killed within 24 hours of the casting of the spell. The blood could not be reused as a component if used to draw the protective magic circle.[1]


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