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Summon monster, or monster summoning,[3] (originally called Lucke's monster summons[1]) was a series of increasingly more powerful summoning spells commonly in use by both arcane and divine spellcasters.[2]


A summon monster spell conjured one or more creatures from another plane and made them appear within close range of the caster.[4][2] These "monsters" were usually native magical beasts, outsiders, or elemental creatures.[2]

Whatever creature was summoned was magically compelled to fight for the caster to the best of its ability.[4][2] A summoned being could not be truly destroyed; instead, an attack that would otherwise destroy it instead sent it back to the plane from which it was summoned, where it reformed over the next twenty-four hours.[4]

It was impossible to summon a creature into an environment that could not support its life. Summoned beings lost any powers to themselves summon other entities or to use any sort of planar travel.[2]

Divine casters could only summon creatures whose alignments were not in conflict with either their own or their deities alignment.[5] Most often, their deity would send them servants native to that deity's home plane.[6]

Summoned monsters would serve the caster until the duration of the spell ended, which was anywhere from mere seconds to several minutes, depending on the power level of the caster.[2]


Summon monster spells required verbal and somatic components. For arcane spellcasters, they further required a tiny bag and an unlit candle as magical foci. Divine casters instead used their (un)holy symbol as a focus. The complicated spell required more than five seconds to cast.[2]


There were nine levels of these spells:[2]


The first seven levels of these spells were invented over a period of many years by the Netherese arcanist Lucke, beginning with his 1st monster summons in −1994 DR and ending with 7th monster summons in −1779 DR.[7]

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