Summon monster I, or monster summoning I,[8] (originally called Lucke's 1st monster summons[1]) was one of the series of summon monster spells available to spellcasters.[2]

Clerics whose gods had an interest in portals, such as Eilistraee and Shaundakul, often prayed for this spell.[9]


This spell functions just as all summon monster spells. It could summon a badger, dog, giant fire beetle, monkey, owl, or porpoise from one of the celestial planes or a dire rat, hawk, medium-sized monstrous centipede, small monstrous scorpion, small monstrous spider, octopus, raven, or small viper from one of the fiendish planes.[2]


This was the first summon monster spell developed by the Netherese arcanist Lucke. He completed it in −1994 DR.[10]


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