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Summon monster II, or monster summoning II,[10] (originally called Lucke's 2nd monster summons[1]) was one of the series of summon monster spells available to spellcasters.[2]


This spell functioned just as all summon monster spells. It could summon a giant bee, giant bombardier beetle, riding dog, or eagle from one of the celestial planes or a lemure, squid, wolf, large monstrous centipede, medium-sized monstrous scorpion, medium-sized shark, medium-sized monstrous spider, or medium-sized viper from one of the fiendish planes.[2] A kaorti from the Far Realm could also be summoned.[11] Clerics of Vhaeraun who had studied the Obsul Ssussun could summon a special servant of their deity called a vhaerath.[12]

Alternatively, it could summon one to three dogs, owls, giant fire beetles, porpoises, badgers, or monkeys from the celestial planes or the same number of dire rats, ravens, medium-sized monstrous centipedes, small monstrous scorpions, hawks, small monstrous spiders, octopuses, or small vipers from one of the fiendish planes—provided they were within 30 feet of each other.[2]

The version best known prior to the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR summoned different creatures, in a number up to six.[6] It could call upon giant bombardier beetles, giant centipedes, giant or killer frogs, gnolls or flinds, land lampreys, lizardfolk, mongrelfolk, mudmen, giant spiders the size of horses, stirges, giant toads, or troglodytes.[13] In salt water, it summoned instead barracudas, dolphins, locathah, ixitxachitl, stingrays, seahorses, lesser sea wolves, or green urchins. In fresh water, what it summoned was electric eels, giant frogs, kuo-toas, giant leeches, lizardfolk, or giant piranhas.[14]


Like most of the other summon monster spells, this one was by the Netherese arcanist Lucke. He completed it in −1984 DR, ten years after the creation of summon monster I.[15]


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