Summon monster IX is a conjuration spell that calls (an) outsider(s) to fight for you. Druids can spontaneously convert a 9th level spell to summon monster IX.


This spell functions the same as summon monster I, except you can summon one creature from the 9th-level list, 1d3 creatures of the same type from the 8th-level list, or 1d4+1 creatures of the same type from a lower-level list.

1st Level

  • Celestial dog (animal) LG
  • Celestial badger (animal) CG
  • Fiendish dire rat LE
  • Fiendish hawk (animal) CE

2nd Level

  • Celestial eagle (animal) CG
  • Formian worker (LN)
  • Lemure (devil) LE
  • Fiendish squid (animal) LE
  • Fiendish wolf (animal) LE
  • Fiendish shark, Medium-size (animal) NE
  • Fiendish viper, Tiny (animal) CE
  • Fiendish hyena (treat as wolf; animal)) CE
  • Fiendish octopus (animal) CE

3rd Level

  • Celestial bear, black (animal) LG
  • Celestial bison (animal) NG
  • Triton NG
  • Celestial dire badger CG
  • Azer LN
  • Elemental, Small N
  • Thoqqua N
  • Fiendish dire weasel LE
  • Fiendish gorilla (animal) LE
  • Fiendish snake, constrictor (animal) LE
  • Fiendish boar NE
  • Fiendish dire bat NE
  • Fiendish lizard, giant (animal) NE
  • Salamander, Small NE
  • Fiendish shark, Large (animal) NE
  • Fiendish viper, (animal) CE
  • Fiendish crocodile (animal) CE
  • Dretch CE
  • Fiendish leopard (animal) CE
  • Fiendish wolverine (animal) CE

4th Level

5th Level

  • Celestial bear, brown (animal) LG
  • Hound archon (celestial) LG
  • Celestial orca, whale (animal) NG
  • Celestial pegasus CG
  • Celestial dire lion CG
  • Formian warrior LN
  • Elemental, Medium-size N
  • Mephit, any N
  • Arrowhawk, Medium-size N
  • Tojanida, Medium-size N
  • Achaierai LE
  • Fiendish griffon LE
  • Fiendish snake, giant const. (animal) LE
  • Yeth hound NE
  • Fiendish dire boar NE
  • Fiendish rhinoceros (animal) NE
  • Fiendish shark, Large (animal) NE
  • Salamander, Medium-size NE
  • Shadow mastiff NE
  • Fiendish viper, Large (animal) CE
  • Quasit CE
  • Fiendish dire wolverine CE
  • Fiendish giant crocodile (animal) CE
  • Fiendish tiger (animal) CE
  • Fiendish girallon CE

6th Level

7th Level

8th Level

9th Level


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