Summon sha'ir was a conjuration spell used by genie wizards to compel service from an abusive sha'ir. This spell was useless when cast upon any target who was not a sha'ir.[1][2]

Typically genies would only use this spell against sha'irs who abused their gen, created too many magical items, bound an excessive number of genies within genie prisons, or if the sha'ir displayed similar malcontent toward geniekind. Genies could not use this spell against a sha'ir simply because they wanted to. The spell would not take effect unless several warning signs were triggered by the sha'ir's behavior.[1][2]


For this spell to work, the genie caster needed to possess one of the sha'ir's personal items. This item was usually acquired by intimidating the sha'ir's gen while it was traveling on the native elemental plane of the genie caster while fetching a spell for its master. A gen who agreed to help the genie acquire the item delivered on the promise the next time the sha'ir sent it off in search of a spell. Any personal belonging of the sha'ir would satisfy the requirements of the spell.[1][2]

When cast upon a sha'ir, the nature and number of violations against geniekind that the sha'ir committed increased the chance of the spell's success. A sha'ir under the influence of this spell was forced to serve the genie caster for several weeks depending on the skill of the caster.[1][2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required a personal item of the target in order to cast.[1][2]



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