Summon shadow was a necromancy spell that conjured shadows.[3]


The shadows summoned by this spell were under the control of the caster, and could be used to attack foes. Such conjured creatures would remain for a length of time proportional to the power of the caster (a minimum of six minutes), or until they were turned or killed. The creatures appeared in a 10‑foot (3‑meter) cube at a range of up to 10 yards (9.1 meters) from the caster.[3]


This spell required verbal, somatic, and material components. The material component was a small piece of smoky quartz.[3]


The spell was invented in the Year of Valiant Blades, −594 DR,[9] by the Netherese arcanist, known as Shadow, with the original name being Shadow's summons.[1]


Summon shadows was used by casters with access to the Negative Energy plane in order to summon dread wolves,[10] as well as—rarely—sha'irs of Zakhara.[7][11]



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