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Summon shadow spirit was a divine conjuration spell used by priests devoted to Eshowdow.[1]

This particular spell shaped the way of the Eshowe for generations, entangling them in malevolent effects. More than half of the tribe participated in a tribal ceremony involving this spell.[1]


This spell permanently bound the recipient's shadow into their body and spirit, preventing the recipient from ever casting a natural shadow regardless of the lighting conditions. The Eshowe believed this ceremony bound their shadow to their body, but in fact it bound a shadow from the Negative Energy plane to them instead. The shadow transferred its natural defenses to the recipient, making them immune to spells involving charm, sleep, and hold as well as requiring enchanted weapons to strike them. However, summon shadow spirit also transferred several insidious side effects that twisted their hearts toward evil and had a cumulative chance of actually turning the recipient into a shadow.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required as a material component the priest's holy symbol and an area of shadow to cast.[1]



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