Summon undead III, also known as undead summoning III, was one of the series of summon undead spells available to arcane casters in the Realms.[1][3]


This spell could summon a huge skeleton, a large zombie, or a ghoul.[1] Usually, the skeleton of an troll or an ogre zombie were chosen.[2] As an alternative, the spell could summon one to three large skeletons, one to three medium-sized zombies, two to five medium-sized skeletons, or two to five small zombies—provided they were all within 30 feet of each other.[1]

If a ghoul was summoned, the spell was considered a chaotic spell in addition to an evil one.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required a material component, a piece of bone from either a ghast, mummy or wight.[3]


This spell was known to be used by wizards of the Cult of the Dragon.[3]


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