A sun blade was a magic longsword whose blade consisted of pure sunlight.[1]


When deactivated, a sun blade appeared to be a longsword hilt with no blade. A creature attuned to it could cause a bright radiant blade to appear or disappear by force of will. The light emitted by the blade could be adjusted by the wielder, and was capable of illuminating a radius of 20​ to ​60 feet (6.1​ to ​18 meters).[1]


Sun blades were extremely light and could be wielded with the same finesse that shortswords allowed. The light emitted by the blade was actual sunlight and its radiant energy was particularly damaging to undead.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Some sages believed that the various sun blades throughout the multiverse were modeled after the original Sunsword, a sentient weapon that was rumored to be lost somewhere in Barovia.[4]

Notable Sun BladesEdit

Dawnbringer (sword)

Dawnbringer, a sentient sun blade.



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