Sundel bolongs were evil lesser spirits found in Kara-Tur.[1]


A sundel bolong looked like a gorgeous female human. They all had black hair that flowed down their back. What distinguishes a sundel bolong from a regular human woman was the large hole in the middle of its torso, which was usually covered by their long hair.[1]


Sundel bolong avoided combat, but if forced into melee combat they used their long, sharp nails as effective weapons. They preferred to lure their target, usually human males who were alone such as guards or sentries, into an area they could successfully ambush. Victims were later found as mutilated corpses.[1]


Sundel bolong charmed their victims into following them to a secluded area. They were able to project fear as a defence mechanism, as well as flee to the Ethereal Plane.[1]


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