Sunder Halyndliam, shortened over time to Liam, was a powerful wizard and warrior who lived in his tower one day's travel from Daggerford on the Sword Coast. The town of Liam's Hold was named in his memory.[1]

Liam was buried in a spell-guarded crypt deep under the tower, and was said to be buried with all of his magical possessions. These included his spellbooks, magic rings, magical staff, and enchanted blade. By the mid-1360s DR, his crypt hadn't been plundered by anyone, owing to the other-planar creatures that guarded his tomb and the denial of entry by locals. The locals did this because they believed that Liam's magic held the tower together and if Liam's magic items were removed the tower would crumble, destroying the town in the falling stone. This was why all of Liam's magical items were buried with him. His silent armored wraith was said to still defend his tower against intruders, and six thieves had been found dead at the base of the tower.[1]



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