Sunrise was a spell that was commonly used by clerics of Lathander.[2]


A caster used this spell to create a brilliant sphere of sunlight around them. This spell inflicted both confusion and damage to undead creatures such as vampires as well as fungi-based creatures, molds, and slimes. Creatures with infravision lost that ability temporarily as a result of the light. The caster was able to delay the spell until triggered by an activation word or force of will. The caster could also surround another creature with the light; to do so, they were required to be in physical contact during casting. The spell was vulnerable to dispel magic. This spell was able to counter some darkness-based spells.[1][2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the spell required material components: a seed from an aster and a piece of sunstone. It also required a divine focus.[1][2]



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