The Sunrise Mountains were mountain range in the Unapproachable East that formed much of that Thay's eastern border. The peaks extended north into the neighboring country of Rashemen.[1]


Sunrise KingdomEdit

In the years after the fall of Netheril, before Dale Reckoning, a kingdom arose within the peaks of the Sunrise Mountains. The lives of the realm's people were blessed by the wise council and beneficial magic of the wizard known as Fastrin the Delver.[2] When Fastrin was exploring an ancient ruin, he came across a primeval red tome, from the "dawn of time", that detailed the ritual of Unmaking which could theoretically end Toril's existence.[3] When the book was stolen from Fastrin one summer, he went mad and began killing the subjects of the kingdom he served. Despite the opposition of the kingdom's knights,[2] Fastrin slaughtered every person and defiled their spirits over the course of weeks, for fear that the magic contained within the stolen book would be released onto the world.[3]

Era of UpheavalEdit

Sometime around 1372 DR, a group of adventurers came upon a group of nearly-blind, albino humans that closely resembled the Mulan people of the eastern lands. Reports stated that they brandished gold weapons that were as strong as steel and wielded a form of magic that gave off no eminence of light.[4]

A few years later, the atropal known as Xingax began creating undead abominations within a manufactory set into the mountains, at the behest of the lich Szass Tam.[5]


The mountains marked the edge of Faerûn. The Sunrise Mountains were quite high, towering a good 15,000 feet above sea level and were full of old Raumathar ruins.[1] Copper was mined in these mountains in 1359 DR.[6]

A secret realm inhabited by gnomes, known as Songfarla the Hidden Kingdom, was located underneath the eastern slopes of these mountains.[7]


Notable LocationsEdit

Notable InhabitantsEdit



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