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The Sunset Mountains were a pair of mountain ranges separated by the Far Hills. Together with the Far Hills, they formed a high, almost impenetrable barrier between the Eastern and Western Heartlands, as well as forming the eastern edge of Sunset Vale.[3][4]


These mountains were home to a large number of tribes and humanoids. Some dwarven clans also lived in this region. Many of these dwarves traded in the town of Easting. The other humanoids were yeti, gnoll, ogre, and drow. A white dragon known as Ciraxis was known to dwell around these mountains.[2]


The Far Hills

These hills divided the Sunset Mountains into two sections.[3]

Wind's Walk

The main road to get to the dwarven mines of the Bruenghor Clan. It was usually a clear, windy, mountainous road. It was usually clear from monsters.[2]

Ice Caves

The Ice Caves were where the yetis, ogres, and gnolls normally lived. They spread their numbers to hound the Wind's Walk and Mount Burning Eye. In the Ice Caves, there were also displacer beasts and their masters, frost giants. The white dragon Ciraxis had its lair in the Ice Caves and was the ruler of all trouble in Easting.[2]

Mount Burning Eye

One of the mountains among in the Sunset Mountains. Once yetis, ogres, and gnolls hounded the mountain. Will-o'-wisps and wolves occasionally strayed onto the paths of the mountain. At its apex was a signal tower that could be lit.[2]

Dwarven Mines

Home to the Bruenghor Clan.[2]

Temple to Shar

Some time in the 14th century an abandoned temple to Shar was looted by a group of adventurers known as the Band of the Broken Bow. Among the ruins was a crytal globe of gray quartz sought by the Cyricist Vraggen.[5]



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