Suormpar was the northernmost city in Ulgarth in southeast Faerûn.[1]


Suormpar lay in the shadow of the Dustwall Mountains, on the eastern shore of Xontuil Bay and the Golden Water.[1]


Around 1367 DR, Suormpar was led by Baron Redinald Rascalin, a descendent of Baron Maelin Rascalin. The Rascalins were the staunchest supporters of King Drasna Bluemantle.[1]


Trade dominated the local economy, as it did all around the Golden Water. Fiertallin, a popular cosmetic substance, was gathered from the river Xon some 20 miles (32 kilometers) up the bay, and exported out of Suormpar.[1]


Around 1367 DR, Suormpar was guarded by 500 footmen and 200 archers, led by the half-orc Hespal Nicort.[1]


The barony of Suormpar was granted by the king to Maelin Rascalin, a convicted bandit who rose to become the kingdom's greatest general, in reward for defending the realm against barbarians.[1][2]

By 1367 DR, warnings circulated that the gray orcs of the Dustwall Mountains were gathering in preparation for a major assault or raids into Ulgarth. In preparation, Baron Rascalin, began recruiting solders, even mercenaries, to bolster the city's defenses, as well as armorers, weaponsmiths, and anyone else who could lend a hand.[1][3]





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