The Supreme Throne was the realm in which Cyric, the Prince of Lies, held dominion. After the murder of the Goddess of Magic, Mystra, fellow gods Lathander, Tyr, and Sune imprisoned Cyric in this realm for 1000 years. According to the Great Wheel cosmology, it was a realm in the plane of Limbo.[2]


The Supreme Throne was a barren realm where howling winds could drive mortals mad. Because Cyric was the enemy of all other faiths, the followers of any deity besides Cyric found their spells more difficult to cast on this plane.[1]


The Supreme Throne was established in the plane of Limbo by batrachi who'd left Toril after around −30,000 DR. There, the deity called Ramenos once again changed the batrachi to serve his goals.[2]


The Supreme Throne was founded and inhabited by batrachi.[2] Among them was Bazim-Gorag, the Firebringer.[5]

It was the home plane of chaos beasts, demodands, howlers, and slaadi.[1]



In 2nd edition, Cyric's realm was the Bone Castle in Hades[6][7] and then later the Shattered Castle in Pandemonium instead.[8]



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