Surface rothé, also known as high rothé or brown rothé,[2] were a variety of rothé that lived in surface lands.[1]


Surface rothé had shaggy brown fur, cloven hooves, and two curving horns. Their fur was longer and shaggier and their legs were longer compared to their subterranean relatives.[1]


Surface rothé could fight with both their teeth and horns. They were skittish and prone to stampeding, which could be quite dangerous for anyone in their path.[1]


Rothé were considered an essential animal in the North due to the meat, hides, and versatile milk they provided. Their dung was often used as a fuel source.[3] They were also known to be frequently herded by rashemi.[4]


Rothé dwelt on the surface, in both cold and warm climates.[2] They were commonly found in the mountains and glaciers of northwest Faerûn in the Moonsea. They occasionally wandered over onto the icy dunes of the Anauroch.[1]

The further south the rothé dwelt, the lighter the color and density of their fur. They were found throughout the Western Heartlands and south Faerûn.[2] They could also be found in the Stonelands[5] and were herded in the Shaar[6] and Rashemen.[7]


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