Surkh was a small city on the north shore of the Deepwash in the shadow of the Deepwing Mountains in the Vilhon Reach. The lizardfolk here keep to themselves, though they had good relations with the Emerald Enclave, Lachom, Nimpeth and Lheshayl.


Surkh was ruled by King Griss'tok a lizardfolk barbarian. He seldom saw visitors and spoke only Draconic. He was well known for eating folks convicted of serious crimes.


Most of the lizardfolk lived in houses fashioned of baked mud bricks built around shades and communal pools.

The Arena of Scales was a vast amphitheater in the heart of the city, fashioned to look like a circle of carved stone dinosaurs with their necks, limbs and tails intertwined. Gladiatoral events were held here once a tenday.

The Shrine of the First Lizard was a large temple of Tiamat beneath the city streets.

Trade RoutesEdit

There were no trade routes that passed through Surkh.


Folk throughout the Vilhon Reach feared this city and it's man-eating lizardfolk.

A large, ancient dragon turtle, known as the Dragon of the Deeps lived in the Deepwash near the city. Many in Surkh regarded death in its jaws as an honor.



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