Surlpar's Stews was a food counter (known locally as a blurdren) located in Khôltar, south Faerûn, circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR. It was owned by Ensril Surlpar, a scion of one of the twenty Onsruur families that governed the city. He cared nothing for the business except the profits it earned.[1][2]


This blurdren was located at the blunted point of the intersection of Orntathtar Way and North Way, between Harmeirlarko's Journeys to the west and Jamrado's Thanetalium to the east. All three buildings faced north across the wide courtyard-like intersection and out through the northern gate of Khôltar (known as Handrornlar). This prime location brought many potential customers right up to the counter at all hours of the day. Behind Surlpar's was a warren of old towers, between two and four stories tall, that was a low-rent district where many of Surlpar's repeat customers lived.[1][2]


Surlpar's Stews kept their prices lower than other nearby establishments that sold food (Munsrum's Ready Ladle and Taurgaur's Tarjteir) but the quality matched the price. Only the poorest Khôltans ate here with any regularity. The safest things to eat here were the salted biscuits because the crust of salt usually preserved the bread from mildew, but buyers were wise to examine all sides of their purchase for bite marks from rats.[1][2]



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