The Surmarsh was a dreary, humid swamp located in the northern tharch of Surthay within the nation of Thay. It was fed by both the River Sur and the River Thay and opened up into Lake Mulsantir.[3][4] It was among the favored grounds of the nobles of Thay who partook in trophy hunting.[2]


The Surmarsh was a foul place, with a fetid smell that drifted well beyond its borders, as far away as the city of Surthay.[5] This stench was especially wretched during the summer and drove scores of people away from its vile waters. The Surmarsh was fever-ridden and rife with sickness, which was spread by swarms of disease-carrying insects.[6]

The waters of the swamp were broken by occasional small hills that held small, isolated shelters.[3]


The Surmarsh was populated with numerous tribes of lizardfolk that occasionally raided the outlying lands. Many of these scalykind had been conscripted into the Thayan legions and considered their service to be an act of high honor.[2]

Many horrific creatures such as otyughs, ropers, slithermorphs and even black dragons were known to infest the swamp.[2]

Some escaped slaves and other Thayan criminals attempted to find refuge within the swamp and eke out some sort of lives for themselves.[3]



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