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The Susurrus was a monstrous spider of enormous proportions that ravaged Shadowdale's geographical backroads for millennia. Its maddening whispers and diseased bite turned all fey who encountered it into cannibalistic wendigos.[citation needed]


Appearing as a gigantic arachnid covered in matted white fur and hateful glowing eyes, the Susurrus floated towards its prey with the charred bloody stumps of its legs outstretched. It bore the faint emblem of a spider on its brow.[3]


The Susurrus was unleashed upon the fey of Shadowdale in −2549 DR by the drow of Maerimydra when they had created the Land Under Shadow amid the surrounding woodland. Eventually, the fey decided to make a pact in order to trap the horror and vowed never to use the region's crossroads while the Susurrus lived. This ensured the monster could never escape into the real world but also cut off many fey from Faerie, causing their numbers to dwindle over time.[4]

In 1375, Azalar Falconhand lured the Susurrus back to the real world, where the monster was finally slain.[citation needed]




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