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Suthool was a mind flayer who was involved in the plot to assassinate the Masked Lords of Waterdeep in the late 15th century DR.[1]


Suthool always took a practical approach, doing what he perceived as necessary for his business. He possessed a sharp tongue and a dry sense of humor.[1]


As a mind flayer, he possessed potent psionic abilities. He was able to read minds and communicate telepathically with ease. He could also launch powerful psionic assaults, such as mind blasts that could stun their targets. His more powerful attacks could completely destroy their target's mind, as he did to Faerrel Dunblade.[1]


He possessed a magical gorget that allowed him to speak humanoid tongues.[1]


He was a trader, specializing in drugs, poisons, and their antidotes. When he came to Waterdeep, he became involved with the Xanathar Guild.[1]


He worked alongside Belvarra Bowmantle in service to the Xanathar, and the illithid and the worshiper of Asmodeus appeared to genuinely care for one another.[1]

Under the Xanathar's orders, Suthool and Belvarra aided Lord Braethan Cazondur's plot to assassinate Masked Lords of Waterdeep, although the Xanathar eventually decided that Cazondur had gone too far and ordered Suthool to kill the treacherous lord.[1]


Suthool dwelt in the Underdark, where he was an infamous merchant dealing in drugs, poisons, and their antidotes. In the late 15th century DR, owing to disturbances in the Underdark, he came to Waterdeep in the hope of establishing connections with humanoids on the surface world. There he became involved with the Xanathar.[1]

In the Year of the Scarlet Witch, 1491 DR, on the orders of the Xanathar, Suthool and an agent of Asmodeus named Belvarra Bowmantle discreetly aided Braethan Cazondur's plot to assassinate Masked Lords of Waterdeep in order to fill their seats on the council with his supporters. Eventually, Xanathar decided that Cazondur had gone too far and ordered Bowmantle and Suthool to kill him. The pair arrived at the Palace of Waterdeep where Cazondur was attempting to unseat Open Lord Laeral Silverhand. After killing Cazondur, they threatened to unleash a plague on Waterdeep if anyone pursued them. As they attempted to flee the chaotic assembly in the palace, several of Suthool's tentacles were severed by Faerrel Dunblade. Suthool lashed out with his psionic power to break the young adventurer's mind. Before he could escape, Suthool's own mind was assaulted by Lady Silverhand's Weave powers and he was taken into custody by the City Watch. Belvarra Bowmantle, however, escaped and swore to free Suthool and restore his mind, much to the approval of Asmodeus.[1]



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