Svardborg was a circle of immense lodges built by frost giants atop an iceberg in the Sea of Moving Ice.[1]


By the time of the War of the Silver Marches in the late fifteenth century DR, Svardborg floated amid hundreds of other icebergs in the Sea of Moving Ice.[1]


Svardborg was made up of eight gigantic lodges, though by the late fifteenth century DR, three of the lodges were entombed in ice. The lodges were perched on sheer cliffs of ice that plunged 50 feet into the sea. The cliffs were only 10 feet high near the dry dock lodge, where the giants built a wooden pier for docking their punts. A wide cleft in the iceberg offered access to Svardborg's hollow heart—a water-filled chamber open to the sky where the giants moored their greatships. Stretched across the passage was a gate in the form of a net of thick iron chains.[1]


Svardborg was populated by frost giants and their slaves, including Northmen barbarians and yetis. Additionally, two adult white dragons laired in the lodges.[1]


In an age when giants ruled the North, Svardborg was a remote village where frost giants came to hunt whales and giant walruses. It was abandoned after the empire of Ostoria fell and, over time, drifted northward and became entombed in ice.[1]

When Annam All-Father shattered the ordning, the frost giant Jarl Storvald and his clan set sail in an enormous ship called the Krigvind to reclaim Svardborg. In Svardborg's temple of Thrym, the giants found seven white dragon eggs. Storvald used these eggs as collateral to enslave their parents, the adult dragons Cryovain and Isendraug. After enslaving the dragons, the giants stumbled upon a tribe of Northlander barbarians living on ice floes in the Sea of Moving Ice and conquered them as well.[1]

After reclaiming Svardborg, Storvald began to send ships out of Svardborg to attack sites along the Sword Coast.[1]

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