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Swamp landwyrms were the species of landwyrm that dwelled in swamps and marshes.[1]


Swamp landwyrms were massive, wingless lesser dragons. Their scales were mottled brown and green, and were normally covered in a layer of algae. Their pale yellow eyes shown like lanterns when the creature grew angry. The toes were webbed.[1]


These landwyrms were deadly behemoths that feared nothing else that lived in the swamps, not even black dragons.[1]


Swamp landwyrms were amphibious creatures, equally capable of surviving on land or in the water. Like other landwyrms and many other dragons, they had a fear-inducing aura that effected creatures up to 180 feet (55 meters) away.[1]

Swamp landwyrms were capable of hypnotizing prey with their eyes; this was effective against prey as much as 80 feet (24 meters) away.[1]


Swamp landwyrms preferred to rely on their frightful aura to scatter foes when facing groups of enemies, and relied on their hypnotic gaze against lone opponents. They could and would attack with both their fangs and claws.[1]


Swamp landwyrms, like other landwyrms, were superbly adapted to the single environment for which they were named. They spoke the Draconic language and the Common tongue.[1]

Sometimes, groups of foolish lizardfolk would trade valuables to swamp landwyrms in exchange for protection, but such deals rarely ended well for the lizardfolk.[1]

Landwyrms were among the dragons affected by the Dracorage.[2]



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