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See!? It does look like a wall of chocolate! Xanxos likes chocolate, especially when it's dribbled over raw elf. Are you an elf? Hey, come back here!
— Xanxos the slaad, showing off the border of the plane before lunch.[8]

The Swamp of Oblivion, also known as the Para-Elemental Plane of Ooze, was the Inner Plane at the intersection of the Planes of Earth and Water. It was a place of slime and mud.[1][3][7]


The plane was a vast swamp populated by hags and twisted trees. Few settlements existed in the place, built atop high stilts that kept constructions above the mud. However, since there was no solid ground underneath, everything eventually sank into the swamp.[2]

Objects thrown into the swamp were rumored to disappear into the mud for at least a century. For that reason, powerful artifacts were occasionally thrown in the swamp by someone desperate to remove them from the multiverse for a time.[2]

At the border with the Plane of Earth, a hill range known as the Mud Hills were constantly eroded by the Swamp of Oblivion and regenerated by the Plane of Earth.[2] The border with the Plane of Water was known as the Silt Flats, a muddy and sludgy region that marked the boundary between the swamp and the endless sea.[9]

Flora & Fauna[]

Some of the few animals known to be found on this plane included leeches[10] and enormous swarms of mosquitoes.[2]