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Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide is a regional sourcebook, by Wizards of the Coast, set in the Forgotten Realms using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition ruleset. It focuses on west and northwest Faerûn.[2]


A region of the Forgotten Realms®, the Sword Coast comprises shining paragons of civilization, perilous locales fraught with evil, and, encompassing them all, a wilderness that offers an explorer both vast opportunity and great danger.

The Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide™ is a valuable resource for Dungeon Masters and players alike. In addition to describing the peoples and places of the Sword Coast, the book contains a plethora of new character options to intrigue and inspire every adventuring party.

For use with the fifth edition Player's Handbook®, Monster Manual®, and Dungeon Master's Guide®, this book provides the setting, story, and character options needed to participate in a D&D game anywhere along the Sword Coast of Faerûn.


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Andwe CururenAedyn GraymantleAraitheBarri BaramBelinda AnteosBeniago KurthBruenor BattlehammerCashaanDaerismun AerathDagmaer SuljackDagnabbet WaybeardDagult NeveremberDarfin FloshinDerid KendrickDhosun SilverscaleDrorn WaranvilDruetteEmerus WarcrownEmikaiwufegErlizaGardorra BurrGrauman HartwickGrigarrGyrtHartouchen RethnorJarantJendrickKelvinKharissa AnuvienKimitar ThaelessLarlochMaccathMelandrachMorinnNestra RuthiolOllyn GrimtongueOrdalfOshgirRalionateRaultStorn SkulldarkTaumarik HartwickTeyvaThe PereghostThroa TaerlTithmelVaelishWaldropWundrith ParrZelenn
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AlaundoAleina BrightlanceBrommBronwyn CaradoonCyricDagna WaybeardDeneirEbenezer StoneshaftFzoul ChembrylGandalug BattlehammerGarumn BattlehammerHarbrommHarnothHartkillerHelm Dwarf-FriendIlgostrogue SstarJaven TarmikosKaidrod PalyrManshoonOlfgautSamular CaradoonTamal ThentThavus KreegTyndalUthgarVaralla


Arcane BrotherhoodAvowedBelcondi tribeBlack Blood tribeBlue FeatherClan BattlehammerClan GrimtongueClan RustfireClan SkulldarkClan StoneshaftClan WaranvilClan WarcrownClan WaybeardElk tribeGirondi tribeGray FeathersHouse AnteosHouse HartwickHouse MargasterHouse NeveremberKnights of SamularOrder of the Gilded EyeRedclawShip BaramShip KurthShip RethnorShip SuljackShip TaerlSons of AlagondarStorm WatchUthgardtZhentarim
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Black Lion tribeBlack Raven tribeBlue Bear tribeClan ArnskullClan BlackbannerClan BlackhammerClan BucklebarClan DarkfellClan DeepaxeClan DeepdelveClan EaglecleftClan FoehammerClan GallowglarClan HillsafarClan HornClan IronshieldClan JundethClan NarglaghClan OrothiarClan QuarrymasterClan RockfistClan SstarClan StoneshieldClan StoneshoulderClan TrueforgerClan WatcheverClan WorldthroneClan WyrmslayerClan YundCompany of Crazed VenturersGolden Eagle tribeGray Wolf tribeGreat Worm tribeGriffon tribeHouse AlagondarRed Pony tribeRed Tiger tribeSky Pony tribeThunderbeast tribeTree Ghost tribe


Marlspire of Najara
booming bladegreen-flame bladelightning luremessagesword burst


Books and Periodicals
Far from the Misty HillsFifty Years at SeaTome of Universal Harmony
Referenced only
Tome of Feywild Lore


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