The Sword Mountains are mountains in a range located on the Sword Coast North, forming a boomerang shape, northwest of Waterdeep and east of the Mere of Dead Men.[citation needed] Their western slopes lead to the Trackless Sea in rolling foothills.[2]


The mountains were home to orcs and trolls, but after the orcs were united by Wund and the Brotherhood of the Scarlet Scourge in 927 DR, the orcs drove the trolls out. This was a contributing factor to the Trollwars.[1]

Uruth Ukrypt's orc horde came out of the mountains to attack Waterdeep in 936 DR, but they were defeated and forced to retreat.[1] They hatched another plan to attack in 940 DR, but this plan was ruined by the gold dragon Palarandusk.[3]

Due to a raid on Ukrypt's crypt by a human adventuring company called the Dawnbringer Company in 1024 DR, the orcs of the Brotherhood of the Scarlet Scourge formed a horde called the Broken Bone with the intent of destroying Waterdeep. Their plans were once again ruined by a dragon; this time Lhammaruntosz. Still determined to exact their revenge, the orcs formed another horde, calling it the Black Claw, and in 1026 DR they came from the mountains to attack Waterdeep.[3] This attack proved unsuccessful and they were defeated, causing the orcs to lose their unity and plunge into a period of tribal conflict.[4]

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