The Sword and Sash was a rowdy festhall in Tegal's Mark that featured live shows and performers during the 14th century DR. In addition to the bawdy theater, which often featured comedians with scantily clad assistants, the Sword and Sash offered escort services from the social club within the establishment.[1]


The festhall used to offer all manner of drinks, including wine, ale and brandy. That was until a deal was struck between the Sword and Sash and the Royal Flagon tavern, after which the former only offered zzar, a fortified sherry from Waterdeep.[2] Only a few of the hall's regular patrons seemed to notice.[1]


On one occasion, sixteen drunk revelers all jumped into the same bed on the second floor. This sent the bed and all of the celebrants crashing through the ceiling of the ground-floor hall and on top of its stage, to uproarious laughter.[1]



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