The Sword of Anauroch was an area of the desert of Anauroch near Thultanthar.[1]

At the heart of this area was Elah'zad, the House of the Moon, which lay in the Hills of Scent.[1]

In this location, in 464 DR, Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun came across his father, Arun Maerdrym who had been escorting some Evereskan elves (his then wife and children) westwards. They were engaged in combat with the phaerimm. After both Khelben and Arun ran low on spells, and inside a protective sphere, Arun struck the Duskstaff of Sarael using his Lupinaxe, destroying the phaerimm but killing them both and transforming the surrounding desert into a crater of glass.[2][3]



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