The Sword of Cymrych Hugh, named after one of the great kings of the Moonshae Isles, was a unique enchanted longsword specifically crafted to defeat the beast known as Kazgaroth. It was the personal weapon of High King Tristan Kendrick during the 14th century DR.[1]

Powers[edit | edit source]

This +4 silver longsword possessed a number of unique powers and granted boons to its wielder. Whomever held the sword could detect evil within their sight at will. However, if they ever caught sight of the great beast Kazgaroth the bearer of the blade was compelled to engage it in melee combat. Fortunately for them, the sword itself instilled a sense of dread to take over Kazgaroth's mind.[1]

It was thought that by using the sword to kill Kazgaroth and then reducing its body to ashes, the Beast would be slain forever. Killing the monster using any other method would enable it to be reborn in three to eighteen years.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Sometime before 201 DR, the finest dwarven craftsmen of Highhome forged the sword, under the blessings of the Earthmother, for the specific task of defeating Kazgaroth. In the year 201, Cymrych Hugh defeated the beast and united the Moonshaes under his rule.[3]

Sometime after the king's death in 250 DR, the sword wound up in a firbolg stronghold located in the Myrloch Vale. It was recovered by Prince Tristan and his friends when they went to rescue the bard Keren in the year 1345 DR.[4] Tristan was unaware of what he had found at first. Using the sword, he led his people to victory against Kazgaroth.[5]

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