Sword spiders were a variety of subterranean spider[1] and classified based on their body as being a species of hunting spiders.[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

Sword spiders ranged in lengths of 12​ to ​20 feet (3.7​ to ​6.1 meters) in diameter[1][2] and heights of 12​ to ​13 feet (3.7​ to ​4 meters).[2] They had sleek but hairy black bodies with dark-brown-striped fur. Their legs had chitinous plates with sharp ridges that resembled blades.[1][2]

Combat[edit | edit source]

Sword spiders attacked with the sharp blades on their legs. They could also jump into the air and bring their legs together to impale an enemy. Additionally, their bite was venomous.[1][2]

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Diet[edit | edit source]

Like most arachnids, sword spiders were a carnivorous species.[2]

Habitats[edit | edit source]

Sword spiders were native to the Mhair Jungles. They were introduced by drow traders into the Underdark, where they were kept and controlled by Lolth-worshiping drow as soldiers.[1]

By the late-14th century DR, these creatures could be found in caves within Neverwinter Wood, where they lived alongside ettercaps.[4]

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