The Swords of Archendale were the leaders of the Archenriders (or Ridesmen), the military of Archendale, as well the ultimate source of its laws and justice system. They comprised the Black Sword, Red Sword, and Blue Sword, who served as the commander of the Ridesmen, the head of the militia of Archenbridge, and the battle-mage of the military, respectively.[1]

Law and orderEdit

Any offenses or appeals that could not be settled by the Ride Captains or other Ridesmen officers were brought to the Swords for justice. Disputes were settled outside of the court system as often as possible, in order for expedient resolution and continuation of law and order. This was even more true in the cases of foreign travelers or adventurers.[2]


The identities of the Swords were kept classified, upheld by the highest of law. Only about a dozen people were privy to the secret identity of even a single member. Along with the law of the land, the anonymity of the Swords was kept with both illusion magic and personal bracers of misdirection for each member.[1]

Known SwordsEdit

These were the identities of the Swords of Archendale, as of 1369 DR:


The Swords met together, held audiences, and otherwise led the Dale from Swordpoint, an old keep located in Archenbridge.[3]



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