Her Royal Highness Sybille Zaranda Rhinda Chenowyn Alisande Rhindaun was Princess of the Corsairs' Sea[2] and later the second queen of the Rhindaun Dynasty of Tethyr.[5][3]


Sybille's regent until she came of age was her father, King Haedrak Rhindaun III, who ruled over the Principality in her stead.[2] She was the heir to the throne after her mother Zaranda Star Rhindaun.[1]

Sybille was the oldest of three triplets.[4] As was the tradition in Tethyr for princes and princesses, the first daughter always shared the first name of her mother as her second name.[1]

Her brother's name was Coram Rhinadaun.[1] His daughter, Jemra Rhindaun, would marry into the Obarskyr royal family of Cormyr.[5] Her sister's name was Cyriana Rhindaun.[1]

She would have at least two children, a daughter named Zaranda, in honor of Sybille's mother, and a son named Nishan.[3]


Sybille, along with her brother and sister, were born in Flamerule of 1370 DR. This was the first time there had been royal triplets in Tethyr since the reign of Queen Alisande Bormul in 832 DR.[4][6]

Sybille took the throne of Tethyr as Sybille II in 1397 DR, the second ruler of the Rhindaun Dynasty. She would rule until 1422 DR, to be succeeded by her daughter Zaranda II.[3]




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