Symphonic nightmare was an enchantment spell that replaced the dreams of an individual with a cacophony of music that sounded as if it was played by an entirely disjointed orchestra.[1]


Whenever the affected individual went to sleep or entered a sleep-like trance they were no longer capable of dreaming. Their sleep was haunted by discordant music and they were unable to get a full night's rest. In addition, they were immune to the effects of other dream-inducing spells such as dream or nightmare, or similar effects such as those caused by the inherent abilities of night hags.[1]

The effects of symphonic nightmare endured for well over a week, depending on the skill and experience of the caster.[1] While the effects of the spell could be stopped by the caster at any time, the spell itself was difficult to remove. However this was possibly by use of the spells remove curse, break enchantment, limited wish or wish.[2]


Tvash-Prull developed spells for bards. In his one and only symphony he magically embedded this and other spells in the sheet music for it to be discovered by bardic spellcasters who had the ability to detect and decipher the spells.[3]



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