Syranita was the patron deity of the aarakocra.[1]


Syranita's avatar had the appearance of a female aarakocra with silver skin and pink-gold feathers.[1]


In avatar form, Syranita could see perfectly within a range of four miles. She was very watchful and skilled at spying.[1]

The opal necklace she wore protected her from evil. She was able to summon air elementals and djinn.[1]

No natural bird or avian creature would harm her.[1]

She is able to change the direction of wind.[1]


She loved music and would sometimes appear in avatar form just to listen to bards practice their craft.[1]


Syranita tried to be friends with as many gods as possible, including human sky gods like Akadi.[1] She had a very close relationship with the Seldarine goddess Aerdrie Faenya, to the point that it was theorized the two deities might merge together considering the gradual decline of the aarakocra population.[3]




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