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Syranna was a rebel Red Wizard of Thay in the Doomvault dungeon in 1486 DR.[1]


Syranna was honest and forthright but also cynical. Her experience in Thay convinced her that death was better than becoming an undead servant of Szass Tam. She was righteous but fatalistic, knowing that as a rebel leader against a extremely powerful wizard like Tam that her life could end at any time. For this she treasured every moment.[1]


Syranna was a conjurer assigned to the secret complex of Doomvault under Thaymount. She was tasked with the mission of creating the Thayan gate to the Bloodgate elemental portal nexus. However, Syranna was secretly also the leader of a cell of the Thayan Resurrection and her true objective was to ruin Tam's plot.

In 1486 DR, a group of heroes from Daggerford destroyed Bloodgate Keep. She used her powers to save them from the crumbling keep by transporting them to Thay.[2]

Syranna asked for the heroes' help to destroy Doomvault in exchange for saving their lives, and she offered them all her support. She also told them that Shalendra Floshin and Kelson Darktreader had unfortunately been captured by the Szass Tam's necromancers upon arriving in Thay.[1]


Behind the Scenes[]

Syranna was the patron for the second part of the adventure.