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T'rissa Auvryndar was a drow lieutenant of House Auvryndar in Undermountain in the early 1490s DR.[2]


T'rissa lead the Auvryndar advance army that settled inside the Sargauth Level. There she began experimenting with how use humanoids as incubators for giant spider eggs.[2] She was busy with her experiments inside the main room of the temple.[1]


T'rissa was a priestess of Lolth and a daughter of Matron Mother Vlonwelv Auvryndar.[3]

In 1492 DR,[note 1] T'rissa lead a Auryndar contingent inside the Sargauth Level and managed to occupy a ruined temple to Dumathoin, which she decided to use as a hatchery for giant spiders.[2]


T'rissa truly hated non-drow, even refusing to speak with them. She was as malevolent as her goddess.[1] She believed that her experiments would gave birth to a new larger and more formidable breed of giant spiders.[4]


Once T'rissa was in love with Krenrak until she grew bored and put him in prison.[1] She had a pet chimera.[5]




  1. Canon material does not provide a year for the events described in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, but Christopher Perkins answered a question via Twitter and stated the year was 1492 DR. Corroborating this, Dragon Heist page 20 refers to events of Death Masks (set in 1491 DR) as being "last year". Unless a canon source contradicts this assertion, this wiki will use 1492 DR for events related to this sourcebook and Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (which is referenced on pages 5 and 98 of Dragon Heist).