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TSR Profiles was a column published in Dragon magazine. The series debuted in November 1985 (Dragon #103) and ended in March 2002 (Dragon #293). It went on hiatus from Issue #123 to Issue #243. It was titled ProFiles after Issue #243.

The column was a series of interviews with various authors, designers, artists, editor and key members of TSR, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast staff.


Note that only articles relating to Realms canon (relating to the Forgotten Realms or Core D&D) appear here.

Issue Title Author Description Citation template
Dragon #103 Gary Gygax Uncredited A profile of TSR's chairman of the board. [citation template]
Dragon #104 David "Zeb" Cook Uncredited A profile of Senior Game Designer David "Zeb" Cook. [citation template]
Dragon #105 Kim Mohan Uncredited A profile of editor Kim Mohan. [citation template]
Dragon #106 Steve Winter Uncredited A profile of editor Steve Winter. [citation template]
Dragon #107 Roger Raupp Uncredited About Art Director Roger Raupp. [citation template]
Dragon #107 Larry Elmore Uncredited About artist Larry Elmore. [citation template]
Dragon #108 Douglas Niles Uncredited Author Douglas Niles talks about how he became a game designer. [citation template]
Dragon #108 Jean Blashfield Black Uncredited Managing Editor of the TSR Book Department, Jean Blashfield Black, talks about her history in publishing. [citation template]
Dragon #109 Jeff Easley Uncredited Profile of TSR staff artist Jeff Easley. [citation template]
Dragon #111 Jeff Grubb Uncredited Profile of author and designer Jeff Grubb. [citation template]
Dragon #113 Keith Parkinson Uncredited Profile of staff artist Keith Parkinson. [citation template]
Dragon #115 Roger E. Moore Uncredited Profile of editor Roger E. Moore. [citation template]
Dragon #117 Clyde Caldwell Uncredited Profile of artist Clyde Caldwell. [citation template]
Dragon #119 Dennis Kauth Uncredited Profile of artist and cartographer Dennis Kauth. [citation template]
Dragon #120 Karen S. Martin Uncredited Profile of game designer Karen S. Martin. [citation template]
Dragon #121 Mike Breault Uncredited Profile of game designer and editor Mike Breault. [citation template]
Dragon #121 Barbara G. Young Uncredited Profile of editor Barbara G. Young. [citation template]
Dragon #122 Jane Cooper Hong Uncredited Profile of editor Jane Cooper Hong. [citation template]
Dragon #244 Ed Greenwood Allen Varney A profile of Ed Greenwood and his relationship to his grandest creation: the Forgotten Realms. [citation template]
Dragon #245 Troy Denning Allen Varney About Troy Denning, the author of 15 novels. [citation template]
Dragon #246 Elaine Cunningham Allen Varney Author Elaine Cunningham discusses her novels Daughter of the Drow, Tangled Webs, and the new Evermeet: Island of Elves. [citation template]
Dragon #247 Jeff Grubb Allen Varney About Jeff Grubb, designer of the Al-Qadim and Spelljammer campaigns; author of The Finder's Stone trilogy, and co-founder of the Forgotten Realms setting. [citation template]
Dragon #248 Gary Gygax Allen Varney The Legendary designer Gary Gygax deserves our praise. [citation template]
Dragon #250 Tracy Hickman Allen Varney A profile of author Tracy Hickman and his projects. [citation template]
Dragon #251 Tony DiTerlizzi Allen Varney About artist Tony DiTerlizzi. [citation template]
Dragon #252 R.A. Salvatore Allen Varney Salvatore tells us the true origin of Drizzt Do'Urden and discusses his new fantasy world of Corona. [citation template]
Dragon #254 Jeff Easley Allen Varney TSR's senior artist Jeff Easley has painted the cover of all the AD&D core rulebooks, and he still hasn't tired of dragons. "There's nothing else I'd rather paint!" [citation template]
Dragon #255 Mel Odom Steve Kenson About Forgotten Realms author, Mel Odom. [citation template]
Dragon #256 rk post Steve Kenson A chat with the illustrator Randy Post, aka rk post. [citation template]
Dragon #257 J. Robert King Steve Kenson A talk with novelist and game designer J. Robert King. [citation template]
Dragon #258 Todd Lockwood Steve Kenson From beer cans and satellite dishes to the Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance and Ravenloft settings; Todd Lockwood is an artist with big visions who loves his work. [citation template]
Dragon #260 Richard Baker Steve Kenson Fun is the name of the game for author and Creative Director Richard Baker. [citation template]
Dragon #261 Fred Fields Steve Kenson Artist Fred Fields is alive and well and doing better than ever. [citation template]
Dragon #262 Steven E. Schend Steve Kenson From the Forgotten Realms campaign to StarDrive setting, writer and game designer Steven E. Schend still believes in a sense of wonder. [citation template]
Dragon #263 Bill Slavicsek Steve Kenson Writer, game designer and Director of Roleplaying Game Design for Wizards of the Coast Bill Slavicsek has exciting plans for the future. [citation template]
Dragon #264 Brom Steve Kenson The fantasy artist Brom talks about monsters, the darkly beautiful, and Normal Rockwell. [citation template]
Dragon #265 Wolfgang Baur Steve Kenson Feeling paranoid? Well then, designer and editor Wolfgang Baur has the game for you! [citation template]
Dragon #266 Mary Kirchoff Steve Kenson Diplomat and visionary, Mary Kirchoff helps steer the Wizards of the Coast book department toward the future. [citation template]
Dragon #267 Miranda Horner Steve Kenson For games editor Miranda Horner, fun is the name of the game.. [citation template]
Dragon #268 Bruce R. Cordell Steve Kenson Author Bruce R. Cordell relies on his background as a wrestler and debater when making adventures. [citation template]
Dragon #269 Rob Lazzaretti Steve Kenson Cartographer Rob Lazzaretti never really drew maps when he first started gaming, but that's certainly changed these days! [citation template]
Dragon #270 Sean K. Reynolds Steve Kenson Webmaster to game designer, Sean K. Reynolds is a nice guy. Everyone agrees. [citation template]
Dragon #271 Steve Miller Steve Kenson Steve Miller got into the gaming industry on a dare, but he always wanted to be a writer. [citation template]
Dragon #272 Andy Collins Steve Kenson Editor and designer Andy Collins is the product of "a fairly normal gamer youth". [citation template]
Dragon #274 Jonathan Tweet Steve Kenson Jonathan Tweet brings not only dignity and respect to the table, but also a career in game design that began over two decades ago. [citation template]
Dragon #275 Monte Cook Dave Gross
Chris Thomasson
The editors interview author Monte Cook. [citation template]
Dragon #276 Skip Williams Michael G. Ryan About the monster master and sage Skip Williams. [citation template]
Dragon #277 Kim Mohan Michael G. Ryan A profile of Kim Mohan, from 1979-2000. [citation template]
Dragon #278 Julia Martin Michael G. Ryan About Julia Martin, Wizards editor. [citation template]
Dragon #279 Jason Carl Michael G. Ryan About Jason Carl, the author of Sword and Fist. [citation template]
Dragon #281 James Wyatt Michael G. Ryan Keeping the Faith: A profile of writer and game designer James Wyatt. [citation template]
Dragon #283 Mark Zug Michael G. Ryan About the artist Mark Zug. [citation template]
Dragon #285 David Noonan Michael G. Ryan About designer David Noonan and his contributions to D&D. [citation template]
Dragon #291 Robin D. Laws Michael G. Ryan Profile of RPG mainstay Robin D. Laws. [citation template]