TSR Profiles was a column published in Dragon magazine. The series debuted in November 1985 (Dragon #103) and ended in March 2002 (Dragon #293). It went on hiatus from Issue #123 to Issue #243. It was titled ProFiles after Issue #243.

The column was a series of interviews with various authors, designers, artists, editor and key members of TSR, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast staff.

Articles[edit | edit source]

Note that only articles relating to Realms canon (relating to the Forgotten Realms or Core D&D) appear here.

Issue Title Author Description Citation template
Dragon #103 Gary Gygax Uncredited A profile of TSR's chairman of the board. [citation template]
Dragon #104 David "Zeb" Cook Uncredited A profile of Senior Game Designer David "Zeb" Cook. [citation template]
Dragon #105 Kim Mohan Uncredited A profile of editor Kim Mohan. [citation template]
Dragon #106 Steve Winter Uncredited A profile of editor Steve Winter. [citation template]
Dragon #107 Roger Raupp Uncredited About Art Director Roger Raupp. [citation template]
Dragon #107 Larry Elmore Uncredited About artist Larry Elmore. [citation template]
Dragon #108 Douglas Niles Uncredited Author Douglas Niles talks about how he became a game designer. [citation template]
Dragon #108 Jean Blashfield Black Uncredited Managing Editor of the TSR Book Department, Jean Blashfield Black, talks about her history in publishing. [citation template]
Dragon #109 Jeff Easley Uncredited Profile of TSR staff artist Jeff Easley. [citation template]
Dragon #111 Jeff Grubb Uncredited Profile of author and designer Jeff Grubb. [citation template]
Dragon #113 Keith Parkinson Uncredited Profile of staff artist Keith Parkinson. [citation template]
Dragon #115 Roger E. Moore Uncredited Profile of editor Roger E. Moore. [citation template]
Dragon #117 Clyde Caldwell Uncredited Profile of artist Clyde Caldwell. [citation template]
Dragon #119 Dennis Kauth Uncredited Profile of artist and cartographer Dennis Kauth. [citation template]
Dragon #120 Karen S. Martin Uncredited Profile of game designer Karen S. Martin. [citation template]
Dragon #121 Mike Breault Uncredited Profile of game designer and editor Mike Breault. [citation template]
Dragon #121 Barbara G. Young Uncredited Profile of editor Barbara G. Young. [citation template]
Dragon #122 Jane Cooper Hong Uncredited Profile of editor Jane Cooper Hong. [citation template]
Dragon #244 Ed Greenwood Allen Varney A profile of Ed Greenwood and his relationship to his grandest creation: the Forgotten Realms. [citation template]
Dragon #245 Troy Denning Allen Varney About Troy Denning, the author of 15 novels. [citation template]
Dragon #246 Elaine Cunningham Allen Varney Author Elaine Cunningham discusses her novels Daughter of the Drow, Tangled Webs, and the new Evermeet: Island of Elves. [citation template]
Dragon #247 Jeff Grubb Allen Varney About Jeff Grubb, designer of the Al-Qadim and Spelljammer campaigns; author of The Finder's Stone trilogy, and co-founder of the Forgotten Realms setting. [citation template]
Dragon #248 Gary Gygax Allen Varney The Legendary designer Gary Gygax deserves our praise. [citation template]
Dragon #250 Tracy Hickman Allen Varney A profile of author Tracy Hickman and his projects. [citation template]
Dragon #251 Tony DiTerlizzi Allen Varney About artist Tony DiTerlizzi. [citation template]
Dragon #252 R.A. Salvatore Allen Varney Salvatore tells us the true origin of Drizzt Do'Urden and discusses his new fantasy world of Corona. [citation template]
Dragon #254 Jeff Easley Allen Varney TSR's senior artist Jeff Easley has painted the cover of all the AD&D core rulebooks, and he still hasn't tired of dragons. "There's nothing else I'd rather paint!" [citation template]
Dragon #255 Mel Odom Steve Kenson About Forgotten Realms author, Mel Odom. [citation template]
Dragon #256 rk post Steve Kenson A chat with the illustrator Randy Post, aka rk post. [citation template]
Dragon #257 J. Robert King Steve Kenson A talk with novelist and game designer J. Robert King. [citation template]
Dragon #258 Todd Lockwood Steve Kenson From beer cans and satellite dishes to the Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance and Ravenloft settings; Todd Lockwood is an artist with big visions who loves his work. [citation template]
Dragon #260 Richard Baker Steve Kenson Fun is the name of the game for author and Creative Director Richard Baker. [citation template]
Dragon #261 Fred Fields Steve Kenson Artist Fred Fields is alive and well and doing better than ever. [citation template]
Dragon #262 Steven E. Schend Steve Kenson From the Forgotten Realms campaign to StarDrive setting, writer and game designer Steven E. Schend still believes in a sense of wonder. [citation template]
Dragon #263 Bill Slavicsek Steve Kenson Writer, game designer and Director of Roleplaying Game Design for Wizards of the Coast Bill Slavicsek has exciting plans for the future. [citation template]
Dragon #264 Brom Steve Kenson The fantasy artist Brom talks about monsters, the darkly beautiful, and Normal Rockwell. [citation template]
Dragon #265 Wolfgang Baur Steve Kenson Feeling paranoid? Well then, designer and editor Wolfgang Baur has the game for you! [citation template]
Dragon #266 Mary Kirchoff Steve Kenson Diplomat and visionary, Mary Kirchoff helps steer the Wizards of the Coast book department toward the future. [citation template]
Dragon #267 Miranda Horner Steve Kenson For games editor Miranda Horner, fun is the name of the game.. [citation template]
Dragon #268 Bruce R. Cordell Steve Kenson Author Bruce R. Cordell relies on his background as a wrestler and debater when making adventures. [citation template]
Dragon #269 Rob Lazzaretti Steve Kenson Cartographer Rob Lazzaretti never really drew maps when he first started gaming, but that's certainly changed these days! [citation template]
Dragon #270 Sean K. Reynolds Steve Kenson Webmaster to game designer, Sean K. Reynolds is a nice guy. Everyone agrees. [citation template]
Dragon #271 Steve Miller Steve Kenson Steve Miller got into the gaming industry on a dare, but he always wanted to be a writer. [citation template]
Dragon #272 Andy Collins Steve Kenson Editor and designer Andy Collins is the product of "a fairly normal gamer youth". [citation template]
Dragon #274 Jonathan Tweet Steve Kenson Jonathan Tweet brings not only dignity and respect to the table, but also a career in game design that began over two decades ago. [citation template]
Dragon #275 Monte Cook Dave Gross
Chris Thomasson
The editors interview author Monte Cook. [citation template]
Dragon #276 Skip Williams Michael G. Ryan About the monster master and sage Skip Williams. [citation template]
Dragon #277 Kim Mohan Michael G. Ryan A profile of Kim Mohan, from 1979-2000. [citation template]
Dragon #278 Julia Martin Michael G. Ryan About Julia Martin, Wizards editor. [citation template]
Dragon #279 Jason Carl Michael G. Ryan About Jason Carl, the author of Sword and Fist. [citation template]
Dragon #281 James Wyatt Michael G. Ryan Keeping the Faith: A profile of writer and game designer James Wyatt. [citation template]
Dragon #283 Mark Zug Michael G. Ryan About the artist Mark Zug. [citation template]
Dragon #285 David Noonan Michael G. Ryan About designer David Noonan and his contributions to D&D. [citation template]
Dragon #291 Robin D. Laws Michael G. Ryan Profile of RPG mainstay Robin D. Laws. [citation template]

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