Taalmuth Chaadren was a human ranger from Amphail, and the father of Tsarra Chaadren.[1]


Taalmuth married Malruthiia, who was an exiled bastard child of the Ilbaereth house of elves. Their child was Tsarra Chaadren.[1]


Taalmuth was born in Amphail, but as a ranger he travelled all over the Sword Coast and Tethyr, but eventually settled down in Waterdeep where he met his wife, Malruthiia, a rival hunter. They married in 1337 DR.[1]

The couple became guides for hunting trips and parties around Waterdeep, and Taalmuth was under contract to Piergeiron Paladinson, the Field of Triumph, and other noble houses.[1]

While on a hunt in the Ardeep Forest in 1357 DR, Taalmuth became involved in a spell battle against a suspected lich (the true identity of the assailant was not known) and was killed. His entire body was burned by a fireball spell, and there were charred areas on nearby trees, destroyed skeletons, a pile of stones from an arcane ritual, and a scrap of maroon cloth, which all pointed to a lich as the culprit.[1]

Taalmuth was buried in an unmarked grave in his favoured Pellamcopse Woods near to Waterdeep.[1]