Taichi was an old monkey hengeyokai wu jen and the magical advisor to the Funada clan in Nakamaru in Wa in the 1350s DR.[1][3]


Taichi lived in the mountains behind Nakamaru and went to the city when called by some unknown means by his lord, Funada Mitsuhide. He served as his advisor, but wasn't very useful if the matter required patience or wisdom.[1][2] Nevertheless, it seemed in the town that his appearance presaged alarming events.[2]

Although he was not a mighty mage, Taichi enjoyed finding and collecting strange magic, which him unpredictable and dangerous.[1]


In Wa Year 1775 (1357 DR), Taichi met with his old friend and crony Kogi, a monk of the Winter Sect and agreed to help Kogi and Bupposo in their prank against the Tsuyoi-no-kami Shrine monks, knowing they did not respect his lord and liking the opportunity for mischief. For several days, he enchanted O-Shino to make her beautiful and maddeningly attractive to lure the Tsuyoi-no-kami monks and expose that they had mortal pride and weaknesses.[3]

However, afterward, for reasons known only to him, Taichi then helped O-Shino to get the same vengeance against Kogi and Bupposo. At last, he lifted the spells, but left her with a little of the charm by which to succeed in the world.[3]


Taichi had little patience, but a sharp and perceptive mind. He was mischievous and encouraged mysteries about himself for his own benefit.[1]


His face had a slight impression of a muzzle, betrayed his monkey hengeyokai nature. He tended to hop on one foot when waiting.[1]


He owned a short sword +1 and potion of clairvoyance, and scrolls containing the spells accuracy, animate fire, ESP, fire shuriken, melt metal, metal skin, passwall, water to poison.[1]



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