Tako (pronounced: /tɑːktah-koh[4]) were a race of intelligent octopuses found in Kara-Tur.[2]


Tako resembled regular octopuses but with larger proportions. They had thick, leathery skin that was red-orange in color for adult females and light green for the smaller adult males.[2]


Takos were territorial and would not hesitate to defend their territory. The males were tasked with the defence of their tribes territory. They were capable of wielding a different weapon with each tentacle, with their weapons of choice being small axes, spears and tridents. Additionally, they used their sharp, parrot-like beaks as weapons. Their tentacles were powerful enough to constrict an opponent.[2]


Takos had incredible natural camouflaging abilities. By altering the color of the skin and mantle, they blended seamlessly with their surroundings. Although they could expel a blue ink into the water, but it offered little defensive capability.[2]


Takos lived in small tribes. Their society was matriarchal, each tribe ruled by one or a pair of females. The rest of the tribe usually consisted of up to a dozen males and a half dozen youths. Takos did not communicate verbally, instead their language was based on the movements of their tentacles and coloration changes in their skin. Only the most intelligent of humanoids were able to communicate with takos. Occasionally, a tribe would raid a coastal human village for food, treasure or weapons. Some tako tribes co-existed peacefully with nearby humans.[2]


Tako tribes lived in large submarine caves in the coastal regions of Kara-Tur.[2]


As carnivores, their diet usually consisted of crabs, lobsters, oysters and shellfish. Takos were the ancestors of the batrachi.[2][5]


The ink produced by a tako was highly sought after in Kara-Tur, were it was used in calligraphy.[2]



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