Talbot Uskevren was the youngest of three children from the noble Uskevren family of Selgaunt and an actor in Mistress Quickly's theater acts in the Wide Realms around 1370 DR.[3]


A warrior of moderate skill, he preferred to play the swashbuckling type in his plays, using flashy and fancy acrobatic moves.[3]


Talbot was tall and muscular, with thick black hair and beard and gray eyes.[4]


At age nineteen, Talbot was infected with lycanthropy while on a hunting trip with his closest friend, Chaney Foxmantle, and various other nobles. Chaney and others managed to escape, but Talbot was not so fortunate. He was found by Maleva and Feena Archwood, two priestesses of Selûne, and was healed of the wounds suffered in the attack, but not the affliction, by Maleva.[3]


Talbot was the youngest son of Thamalon and Shamur Uskevren, preceded by Tamlin and Thazienne.[3] He was also the half-brother of Larajin[3] and Leifander.[5]

Dragon273-p71-Talbot Uskevren-Carl Critchlow

Tal, striking a rakish pose.

Even before the revelation that he was related to Larajin—who was a family servant at the time—Tal always treated her more like a sister than a servant. When Tal turned six and they were no longer allowed to play together, they made a pact to always be friends, even if it was just in secret.[3]



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