Talessyr Tranth was a female human wizard in Baldur's Gate in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Talessyr worked from a stall in the Wide, an open market of Baldur's Gate, and was a fixture there around 1366 DR. She specialized in making temporary magical alterations, such as disguises, bodily adornments, changes to costumes, and so on, for clients looking to show off at parties, surprise friends and social rivals, or conceal their true appearance. Her disguises could be quite intricate and cost 50–200 gp.[1]

However, Talessyr did not care if thieves used her disguises for crime instead. She was quick to disappear if the authorities became too annoyed.[1]


Talessyr appeared as a tall man with a mustache and adopted a courtly manner. This was in fact a semi-permanent disguise.[1]


Talessyr enjoyed creating an air of mystery about her, such as by getting clients disguised to look like drow or mind flayers to walk in and out of a private tent at the rear of her stall.[1]


Only long-term residents of Baldur's Gate knew Talessyr was actually female, after her disguise failed during a number of intense magical duels.[1]

One rumor said she dealt with true mind flayers at night and even served a beholder master.[1]



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